Using historical and modern fabricating techniques, Rustic Iron Works creates new, functional pieces for the modern home. Your purchase will be made using the tried and true coal and charcoal fire, hammer and anvil, which have been used for centuries to produce strong and durable tools.

While there are so many disposable, low-cost, low-quality items flooding our market today, Rustic Iron Works still believes that nothing beats a good quality, strong smithed product.  Whether it is a toilet paper dispenser, a cooking spit, a steak turner or a beer holder, all of our works are made to last. We try to keep our overhead low to keep our work both durable and affordable.

Rustic Iron Works is based in Williams Lake, British Columbia, but we can ship nationwide.  We are also open to crafting new designs or ideas, so if there is something specific that you want for your home, camp or for a gift, contact us and we can explore the options.